I am a game developer who is making an RPG series which I'm calling Dragon Chronicles
I strive for weekley updates on the project (the current game i am makeing)

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pattic's News

Posted by pattic - 5 days ago

Shoot I forgot to make a weekly update for last week as I was working on the game a lot haven't really been working on edge cuz I've been focusing more on the other game I'm making Earth which will take place at the beginning of the timeline so yeah that and some issues with the computer hopefully by next week I'll have enough to show

Posted by pattic - 2 weeks ago

Happy random update in the middle of the week but I've come to a realization Edge is way too big for me to finish anytime soon and it's been bothering me down so Edge is go on the back burner whenever I feel like I can work on it I will be working on it but most the time I would have been working on it I'll be making a much smaller game set in the same universe so yeah that's happening and the part of the planed story of this fictional Universe I've made that a much smaller game I'm thinking of making would take place in such a drastically different part of the universe that first do seem like a completely separate story so an edge is not dead I will be working on it but a lot more frequently in favor of making a few smaller games I can use to get better with RPG Maker I hope this doesn't tick off any people

Posted by pattic - 3 weeks ago

Well I forgot to put this yesterday because nothing has gotten done I got a quest 2 and spent a week getting it working good but I will have time this week hopefully

Posted by pattic - 1 month ago

A week has passed on I think I've recovered

From the double whammy of family issues but there is some good news about the game I got a new better computer that's a laptop as a graduation present and I have moved the project files for the game on to the laptop everything is working just fine and I have picked back up on chapter 1

I think the first dungeon chapter one will be done soon and I don't know if I should hold off until all the chapter 1 is done or just post the first dungeon white gets done

P.s for anyone wondering my cousin is fine and last I heard he was scooting around in a wheelchair so he'll be fine


Posted by pattic - May 26th, 2022

not so happy weekley update

well 2 family crisis (cusson getting shot in a drive by) (and great grandfather dieing) (news of both reaching me withen 1-2 hours)

so dont realy expect any big developments within the next 2 weeeks as i will be dealing with graduation and thoes family emergencys

and dont worry grandpa died peacefuly in his sleep and my cusson will recover but he might never skate bord again

so heres the planed teaser

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Posted by pattic - May 18th, 2022

Well graduation week is now in full swing so no work has been done but it's looking June will be chapter ones relice mounth and I don't have any teasers yet but next week I will

Posted by pattic - May 12th, 2022

While it has finally happened the high school I'm going to I'm graduating had to spend the entire week moving my files off my high school account and on to my personal account had to do some end of semester project EOC you know the works and I haven't been able to work on my game at all and the icing on the cake the AC at the house I live in has gone and died in the middle of the biggest heat wave of the year I'm not even sure I can run my computer for any prolonged amount of time without it overheating

So suffice it to say not much has gotten done however I have been planning out the side quest and second dungeon on good old fashioned pen and paper so it's moving along I don't know if I'm going to be able to make the update until the heat wave dies down and it's not looking like it has even peaked yet


Posted by pattic - May 3rd, 2022

May the force be with you and for this week I will be continuing development into figuring out why update 1.5 broke the game and I will continue to work on the chapter one continent as old as really left for chapter 1 first dungeon is the second half of it an intermission side quest between the two dungeons and then the second dungeon chapter 1 then I will be on the charger to which is Deep Woods and the Ancient Temple so I'll be fun

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Posted by pattic - April 27th, 2022

After update 1.5 breaks the game I've been started trial and error in the issue got it working again but now load times have doubled so that's fun so far as my testing shows no times only double for like the first two loading screens so other than that everything's fine and the update 1.5 content is here with the beta tablet and that's about it I've run a few bug fixes here and thare

Posted by pattic - April 27th, 2022