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I am a game developer who is making an RPG series which I'm calling Dragon Chronicles
I strive for weekley updates on the project (the current game i am makeing)

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pattic's News

Posted by pattic - 20 hours ago

Happy weekley update

1got the script for the meating done now to make an en engen cut scean (not that fun)

2and still looking for beta/alpha testers

Posted by pattic - 9 days ago

happy turkey/chicken/bird day to everyone 3 bits of news

1 finished up the 3rd dungeon (it will need an entire can o polish by release day)

2 still looking for (beta/alpha/i got no clue what stage of develment im on) testers

3and last is a wish that everyone seeing this has a happy thanks giving

Edit : i wont be able to work on this (this weekend) as ill be bingeing all glichtale

Posted by pattic - 2 weeks ago

Happy weekley update

I finshed up /am currentley at the time of typeing this puting the finishing touches on the 3rd dungion


Prologe (dungions 1-3)

To do by end of week

Chapter one start

To do by launch day

Dungions (4-11)



And the ability to skip cut sceans

P.s. still looking for 5 alpha/beta/insert proper thing here testers

Posted by pattic - 3 weeks ago

Wasnt realey able to work on the game but i did add a combat tutoriel (in a turnbased rpg) and programed in the boss of the 3rd dungion

Edit i am still looking for some beta testers

Aprox 5 tester slots open

Posted by pattic - 1 month ago

Happy weekley update this weeks newsbare in 3 parts

1i am "almost" done with the 3rd dungion (all thats left is the hostile npcs and the boss)

2i am also looking for alpha/betabtesters (5 slots avalible)

3 i am hunting down 2 old flash games

3.1 it was a mineing game with a sifi art stile and with 2x2 artifacts

3.2 made by nickolodion? and was about a dude in a plant armegation

Pm me if interested in being a tester or if you know what the flash games are (i cut out a lot of detales ob the games i rember)


Posted by pattic - 1 month ago

Due to pluming ishues ive been unable to work on dragon cronicals edge

Posted by pattic - October 22nd, 2021

Sorry for not posting on monday but i had not made any major developments and only today/tomorrow ive finshed the tile map for the 3rd dungeon i still need to program in the "events" ( npcs, dialogue, chests, items, etc) but the layout and script is done so yah that is it tune in sometime next week for the next update

Ps i am looking for beta testers if you're interested p.m. me also i am only going to have 1-10 beta testers

Posted by pattic - October 11th, 2021

Happy weekly update so this week i am "leaking" some character redesigns one is leroy one is creepa and one is someone who will play a role in the plot of chapter 1

P.s i literally took 3 photos of my screen while i had the sprite sheets pulled up


Posted by pattic - October 4th, 2021

I will from now on be having weekly updates


Posted by pattic - October 1st, 2021

I have pretty much finished the second dungeon all that is really left to do is put the warps where they need to go and add a couple enemies however I have changed the whole amount of dungeons to add one as the second dungeon turned out being more to fill the level Gap to avoid grinding so yeah I figured it would be better to add a second dungeon that would include a few lore tomes (datalogs) and be just as flushed out as the other dungeons



Dungeons 2 of 12 or 11 probably 12

Character redesigns


Working on

Fast travel in the works

Lore tome /datalog system

Town stuff (im makeing 2 towns)

To do

Warps in 2nd dungeon

Radio tower

3rd dungeon